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Covenants not to compete are fairly common in employment contracts and are even more likely to be found in contracts made between franchisees and franchisors. If these agreements are not drafted carefully, they can raise a whole host of issues for the parties. Here, the interests of franchisor and franchisee can be adverse. L. Seth Stadfeld is a Boston non-compete agreements lawyer who handles matters involving covenants not to compete for both franchisees and franchisors. You can rely on him to protect your valuable interests.

Issues Concerning Non-Compete Agreements

On the surface, agreements not to compete appear to be straightforward. Basically, they state that a franchisee will agree to not open a competing business during the relationship or within a reasonable time after leaving the franchise. Many issues must be considered. However, these types of agreements must be drafted narrowly and be reasonable. The most common problems with these agreements are that the limits on engaging in another business are too long in time, too broad geographically or too broad as to the type of activity prohibited.

Non-compete agreements are, by their nature, anti-competitive. As such, they are scrutinized closely. Due to their anti-competitive nature, some may bring into play statutes that prohibit unfair methods of competition. This can raise the stakes significantly. Also, because franchise systems are often national in scope, there may be issues as to which state law will apply to the matter. Thus, having an experienced Boston franchise lawyer in your corner is essential.

Experience You Can Rely On

When you come to Weston Patrick, P.A., you will receive the benefit of having an attorney with nearly 35 years of experience. L. Seth Stadfeld can draft and review non-compete agreements for franchisees and franchisors alike. If you are involved in a dispute where you seek to enforce an agreement, or you wish to have an agreement declared unenforceable, he can help you with that too. As an American Arbitration Association arbitrator, attorney Stadfeld is well versed in alternative dispute resolution, as well as traditional litigation.

Call for a Consultation With a Massachusetts Franchise Lawyer

Covenants not to compete need to be handled deftly, otherwise they may lead to a host of legal troubles. Contact our Boston non-compete agreements attorney online or call 781-444-4883  to schedule an initial consultation. We are dedicated to providing first-class service at reasonable rates.

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