Franchising Realities & Remedies: Page 3
Our Role as Your Attorney

A. Geographic Coverage

We are prepared to represent you in all of the above circumstances and wherever you or your franchisor are located. We start with an analysis of your situation and what can be done about it. When necessary, we work with lawyers around the country in order to provide the teamwork that may be required.

B. Location of Our Clients

Our clients come to us from all over the country, sometimes with the participation of their local attorney. Frequently, there are many franchisees in the same situation. Sometimes we can combine their representation in a single group action or in consolidated cases.

C. The Cost of Representation

Often, legal representation is expensive. It has been possible to combine claimants in a way that they can share many of these expenses either through consolidation or possibly in class litigation on a few primary issues like antitrust violations.

D. Contingent Fee Representation

Clients often prefer to obtain legal representation through a contingent fee. Under that arrangement, the fee is dependent upon the actual accomplishment.

We can often give consideration to such a system, but usually there are limitations. Our initial analysis must be paid for in accordance with our hourly rates. In appropriate circumstances, we can offer attractive alternatives, including a combined arrangement for performed services at a reduced hourly rate, plus a specified contingent fee dependent on the amount of the recovery.

In every case, however, the clients must currently pay for all costs and out-of-pocket expenses.

In certain cases, an award of legal fees is decided by the court or arbitrator.

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